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By Mel Macedo

Monday, 6 November 2017

The Denim Jacket - Top Picks for this Season.

Since the very first appearance of the Denim Jacket in 1905, courtesy of the worldwide established brand: Levi's. The brand that's one of, if not, the number one gem for good quality denim. Allowed the fashion industry to flourish with further representations of the Denim Jacket, and I for one cannot be more thankful. It's fascinating that this sustained the test of time. However, I'm not surprised that this one is still around. I haven't met a single person that dislikes a Denim Jacket. I find that it screams Casual - Comfy - Practical and Trendy and lets be honest, Who doesn't enjoy a little comfort? My current go to rendition of this is the oversized look - distressed or not, I find it to be very flattering and super versatile.

My favourite is shown in the images below, I would style it super casual with a plain white t-shirt and leggings for a super comfy look. The best part about investing in a good Denim Jacket is the fact that you can easily jump from casual to all right glam. Simply swap the t-shirt and leggings for a little black dress and a pair of heels and you're ready for a night on the town.

Below are a few of my top picks and outfit ideas for this season.

My Look:

My top Denim selection: 


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