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By Mel Macedo

Monday, 23 October 2017

Pop of Colour - Outfit Inspo.

Now that we're experiencing this unpredictable Autumn weather, we need to continue with that vibrant and colourful nature that we all had throughout summer. No matter how hard it is being constantly under a cloud all day, we must think of ways to keep ourselves up beat. I find that keeping your wardrobe colourful throughout the year is a way to keep that sense of fun that we sometimes lack with the transition into mid Autumn. After all what you wear is an art and you don't want to be caught falling back into those black, whites and greys all A/W. Although those are definitely go to colours I find that keeping a balance is definitely a way to keep yourself motivated in the up keep of your fashion endeavours. Glamour is back, so why not try some more unique styles. You definitely don't want to spend your time in the mornings opting for that very same outfit, try to incorporate those summer pieces into your wardrobe and invest in some key pieces that can go well with what you already have. I challenge you to wear something colourful this week! 

Here's my top Picks for Jumpers at the moment:

Exact Match:

    Until next time Insiders x 

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