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By Mel Macedo

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

May Favorites | Seek Insider

Maybe it's me, but this year is going far too quickly, it's crazy to think that it's already June and summer is pretty much already here.  In light of this I've decided to share my favorite things that I've been loving from the month of May.

First on the list are these Sunglasses below, they're very vintage looking and are super on trend. I've been loving them recently because they look like the Ray bans that I've been seeing everywhere at the moment. I'm not one for following every trend but these are definitely a favorite of mine.

Number 2 is "hoop" earrings, they're simple, chic and elegant. Below are two of my current favorites. The First one is from Primark and the second one is from Na-Kd.

 Number 3 is  High street perfumes. They're killing the game with so much to choose from I just had to share with you my top 6. Most of them are from stores like Zara, New Look, Pull & Bear and Next.

Number 4 is Jewelry from a shop called Crystals which definitely needs a mention. It's Pretty much an equivalent to Bohomoon shop. You can check out there website here.

Last but not least, are these Heels from Primark. Something I usually wouldn't go for but I love the fact that they're fun and super girly.

So there it is! My favorite things that I've been loving recently. See you soon.


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