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By Mel Macedo

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

5 Trends for Spring Summer 2017 | Seek Insider

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Bright Splash of Color

This Spring / Summer season isn't the one to shy away from bold, outgoing and vibrant colors. Wear them proud and wear it loud!
 One of the colors in particular stood out among all others. Have you guessed it? ... The color Pink! and I'm loving it, as seen on runways like Balenciaga, Celine and Valentino, you can style it with ruffled dresses, a tulle blouse or just a basic tee. However, if Pink isn't the color for you, you can try colors like royal green, neon orange and bright yellows.
 Color is back so go for it - be Bold. 

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Exaggerated 80's

The 80's are here to stay, with it's exaggerated hips, waist lines, hemlines, shoulders and heels. This trend is for the empowered women, a night goer, that's not scared to be the boss of the town.
Try this look, next time you're planning on a night out, you might just take on a new persona.

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This trend is pretty much a given, but it's always the best way to scream it's Spring Summer. Go full out 70's by mixing prints together or if you're like me, 'minimalise' it by incorporating little hints of this trend into your wardrobe.  

Ulla Johnson; Dion Lee; Creatures of the Wind (ImaxTree)

Beige Obsession

Beige is no longer dull and boring in fact it's my go to style staple at the moment. I'm so glad that I get to use this trend all throughout this summer. It's timeless, chic, elegant and minimal.
 This is probably the easiest and probably the most effective to incorporate into your own style.

Tome; Zimmermann; J.Crew


This trend is everywhere at the moment with its sleek, feminine elegance and ease. Think asymmetrical dresses, one shoulder and off the shoulder tops and voluminous skirts. All of which can either be paired with skinny jeans, trousers or a plain tee. 

I hope you enjoyed having a look at some of the trends for Spring Summer 2017, which one was your favorite?


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