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By Mel Macedo

Saturday, 28 May 2016

Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor Review | Seek Insider

Today's post is, if you hadn't already noticed by the title, a Revlon Ultra HD Matte lipcolor review. I decided to purchase 3 and test them out to see if they give you the ultimate matte lip.

After having tested them out for a week, I found that the consistency of the product was very suave and moisturizing much to my surprise, it's applicator is soft and easily apply-able, with a somewhat vanilla like scent, which in my opinion is always a plus.

Unlike other brands I have tried in the past this doesn't leave that nasty dry and wrinkled lip and much to my amazement lasts all day (in my experience)! with little to nothing to re-apply. 

But does it look Matte? as a growing trend the ultimate goal when looking for a matte lip color you want it to look completely matte and have no shine to it what so ever. Well, this Revlon collection is exactly what it says on the "tin" Matte! I Would completely recommend this to anyone who has wondered if it's truly worth it and with such great vibrant colors, I am eager to purchase the rest that are on offer, there is so much to choose from and all of them are simply beautiful.

Here they can look like there is a shine to them but that's only when applying :)

 See you soon, Insiders.


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