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By Mel Macedo

Monday, 15 February 2016

Carnaval | Madeira Island

On the 6th of February, I headed to town for a night of color and dancing. Yes! it was the night of the Carnaval and I haven't gone to see it in about 5 years or so. I was glad to be able to see it this year and it didn't disappoint it was a night full of flair, sparkle and just ultimate fun. 

I love the fact that in Madeira they celebrate it because it's a full week of seeing people dressed up and enjoying the silliness of this season. You're able to see another side to everyone's personality and it's great, some might compare the Carnaval to Halloween but I prefer the Carnaval because it's less targeted as something scary and more to do with sparkle and feathers. 

Just take a look at my night in Funchal:

See you soon!


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