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By Mel Macedo

Monday, 8 February 2016

Barbecue at Chão dos Louros | Madeira

I've always enjoyed the outdoors and being able to get away from the city for a while, so when some friends of mine decided that it would be fun to organize a barbecue up in the mountains I was totally up for it. We went to a place called Chão dos Louros, it's located between Encomeada and São Vicente, this area takes it's name from the large number of laurels in this forest area. It's an area where you can hike the route "Vareda do Chão dos Louros" along with the facilities to camp and to BBQ.
In typical forest style it was a sea of green, so beautifully graceful and calm, it's a wonder why I don't go up to the mountains often. It was a great trip to go on, but I would recommend that if you go to the area around February, don't forget to wrap up warm. Madeira can be warm in places closer to the sea but if you are going the opposite way it can get pretty cold, especially around this time.

As you can see here it's perfect for playing a bit of football and chat to friends whilst you wait for the food to cook.

And Voilà you have successfully had Lunch/Dinner somewhere you would never expect.

I hope you enjoyed this post,
See you soon!

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