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By Mel Macedo

Friday, 5 February 2016

A day out with Friends

Its always good to go back to a place you know so well and catch up with friends, its something that brings the feeling of home closer together. As we journey through life we can't always be home where we can truly be comfortable, safe and loved by those who surround us. Home can be described as many things but for me home is where you feel at ease and when you can truly be yourself amongst the people you really care about.

Every time I come back I always want to make the most of being with my Friends and Family. I try to fill in the short time I've got left on this holiday to re connect with people and make sure that we create new memories, continuing where we left off.

"Happiness is  meeting an old friend after a long time and feeling that nothing has changed" - Anonymous.
I love this quote, but it does leave one thing out...Family! For me living away from family can be hard and when coming back its like I've never left. To me feeling like nothing has changed even though everything has is something amazing, it gives you a sense that you haven't been forgotten and that those memories will stay with them and with you forever. 

With the busy schedule that I've set for myself I decided to meet up with friends around Town. We stopped by this place called "Verdinho" it's situated in the best spot in Funchal where you can overlook the harbour on the right and the mountain peaks to your left. After waiting for others to arrive we then decided to go to this new place where we could eat some tasty desserts, A Confeitaria.

 The best part of being home is being able to taste one of my favourite drinks of all time: Brisa Maracujá a unique passion fruit drink that you can't get anywhere else apart from Portugal. This drink is made in Madeira. 


Just looking at the interior of this place makes me want to go there on a regular basis and lets just mention the tasty treats that they have on offer. It's an endless array of sweetness, and you just can't help but think you want to try them all.  So if you're in Madeira or planning to I totally recommend this little gem.
See you soon!


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