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By Mel Macedo

Friday, 22 January 2016

Carnaval Makeup

The Carnaval season is almost upon us and I'm here with a post that serves as a point of inspiration for any of you that may be celebrating it this year. This look can be used as a party look or for a fancy dress party, it's completely up to you. I thought this would be a fun idea for anyone who loves the glitz and the glam side to the carnaval.

You can alter the colors to whatever you like, as you can see in the pictures I opted for the blue, purple and golden yellow. But you can put your own personal preference and ideas into it as you wish and if any of you try to attempt this look or would like to know what I used to create the look then be sure to tag me with: @mel_macedo or @seekinsider. 


Make up & Photography done by Nadine Macedo 

  See you soon!

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Trend Predictions

 Today I would like to share with everyone of my Insiders my trend predictions for 2016. This can be anything that I think may become big or just things I liked whilst reading this months issue of Vogue Magazine.

The new year is always a way to re invent yourself or the things you would like to work on within yourself. I am no different then the average person when I say, most of my resolutions are pretty much the cliche's you hear yearly at the beginning of January.

I would like to probably tweak my image and go with the new year new me approach and change up my style a little, maybe work on re styling my hair? or just work on being healthier than last year? After thinking about my resolutions and some what realistic goals for myself I decided that a little help was needed. At least with ideas on new styles etc...

What better than to pick up the new issue of Vogue to help me with ideas on what to expect in trends for the year.

 A few page turns into the issue I found myself looking at the first trend I think will do well you may have seen this trend before the Floral Trend. We see this trend often and I know you are thinking, so what's new? Even though we have seen many trends that surround the idea of floral designs, it's very rare that you see the retro flower power of the 70's meet exotic paradise.

You can see this in Calvin Klein's Spring 2016 Collection

or in Gucci's Spring 2016 Collection with it's exotic vibes

To some up this trend as said in Vogue: "it's a take on Camp, with pastoral prints matched by a new wave of traditional wallpapers."

 A trend that is creeping back is the Original Fit - Mom Jeans Trend, to be honest I am a bit torn about this. The reason why is because I am absolutely in love with the tight fitting skinny jeans, it's become an everyday essential for me and in some ways that's why I think the Fashion industry is re introducing the "proper jeans" I mean I can understand why, it gives you a casual look whilst being comfortable. Very versatile and super cute. So all I can say to you is embrace the change and pick up a pair. 

Here is some inspiration: 

 (Both necklaces in the pictures are both from Warren James - One is rose gold and the other silver) 

Last but not least the Pastels VS Bold

I love the fact that they have incorporated this into 2016. If you're like me and enjoy both pastel and bold colors than you're in luck! You can decide to go all pale colors one day and full on bold the next. I would babble on and on about this trend, but I feel it's pretty self explanatory. But if you are in need of some sort of example, here are two of them: 

I hope you have enjoyed this post. See you soon!

Thursday, 7 January 2016

What I got for Christmas

Before writing about what I got for Christmas, I would just like to wish you all a Happy New Year! May this year truly bring you happiness and all the gifts the world can bring to you.

It's been nice having a break from all the social media for a while but having said that I've missed writing posts about the things I am most passionate about or just things I like to share with you all.
I promise that this yeah I will be on my A game and try to improve on my posts.

I would just like to put a little disclaimer out there just before you look on to what I was so grateful to have received over Christmas. I am not bragging in any shape or form, I just love watching videos and blog posts on what people have gotten for Christmas and thought it would be fun to also share with you guys what I got. It's also in some way a Haul of things that you can get inspiration for. As it's January Sales time you might be able to get these for half the price, I'm sure all of these are still available in stores.   

Here is what I got for Christmas: 

 All of these items are from Primark from the Make up bag to the bracelet, mirror and necklace. 

This water bottle as you can see in the picture it's from New Look it also came with some pastel pink fuzzy socks! 

This wash bag is from Style & Grace - The English gift company. In the Wash Bag came a Eau de Parfum in the name Utopia it has a subtle sweet scent for those who are wondering how it smells. It also comes with a Hand Cream; Body Wash and Body lotion in the scent Pink Peppercorn the same as the perfume.  

I love the fact that the packaging has hints of rose gold in it. 

This Ciaté - Olivia Palermo Nail Varnish, in the color "My go to Red" from TKMaxx

With much surprise I got a Ciaté Christmas Calendar also from TKMaxx and these were the colors I received.

  • Purple - in the color "Cabaret"
  • Black with gold sparkles - in the color "Twilight" 
  • Shimmery Purple - in the color "Can Can"
  • Shimmery Brown - in the color "Mine a Mocha"
  • Medium Brown - in the color "Pecan Pie"
  • Nude Brown - in  the color " Butterscotch"

  • Multi tone Glitter - in the color " Sequin miss mistletoe" 
  • Pink Glitter - in the color "Glitter Jingle Belle"
  • Light pink - in the color "Fun Fair" 
  • Orange shimmer - in the color "Beach Hut"
  • Red Shimmer - in the color "Island hopping"
  • Mid tone Orange - in the color "Hopscotch"
  • Neon Orange - in the color "Speed Dial"
  • Pale Pink Shimmer - in the color "members only"

  • Glitter Purple - in the color "Naughty or Nice"
  • Silver - in the color "Fit for a Queen"
  • Glitter Blue - in the color " Rollercoaster"
  • Grey - in the color "Tweed and Tails"
  • Multi Colored Beads - in the color " Caviar Pearls - Christmas tree Caviar"
  • White - Concrete Basecoat
  • Suspension top coat
  • Base Coat - Underwear
  • Black - in the color "Chalkboard"
  • Shimmery Grey - in the color "Velvet Tuxedo"

Some of my favorites from the collection 

Cute Cup with Straw - Primark

Octopus Headphone Splitter for 8 people  - Primark

Stan Smith Original in Green (Junior) - Footasylum 

Totally unexpected and something I loved so much!

So that was what I got for Christmas. They all were very thoughtful and lovely presents from my Family. I hope this post gave you some ideas or inspiration for any future gifts to give your friends and family or an idea just to treat yourself.

See you soon!

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