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By Mel Macedo

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Christmassy Decor - DIY and Baking | Seek Insider

 It's about time I shared with you all my Christmas Decoration, DIY's and Cupcakes I came up with this month in preparation for all the Christmas festivities.

The first DIY is the exact same as shown in my Halloween post, I went to Crafts & More and purchased the same bottle but instead spray painted it gold, to give it a Christmas feel. Once left to dry I decided to put in some fake holly that I purchased from Wilkinson, after all the aim is for it to look festive. Perfect for a table center piece.

 The second DIY is the most easy one of them all. I just cleaned out this candle container and wrapped some festive fabric around it, as seen in the picture below, sticking it to the glass with a glue gun. You can us this as a candy cane holder or just a simplistic yet festive candle jar.

Cupcake Process:

For my cupcakes I just used the same recipe as the one featured in my Halloween post which you can find here. I didn't follow the recipe completely as I did add in some Vanilla extract.

Ingredients shown in Picture Below:

- Dr.Oetker Cupcake icing (Doesn't have much icing in the container so be careful when make a lot of cupcakes - Enough for 12 maximum)
- Vanilla Extract
- Red Food Coloring
-Santa Boot Cookie Cutter (From Crafts & More)
- Santa Cupcake Cases (From Crafts & More)
- Sprinkles (Tesco)

For the cookies I simply used a recipe that I found on the BBC website here.

 As you can see it already looks so festive with the cupcakes and the Shortbread cookies, but I just couldn't resist adding some Marshmallows to the table it's perfect because when your guests arrive they have a cute little selection. Plus the marshmallows remind me of snow, and if you would want to be a little more creative with your table you can totally make some snowmen with these and simply add a face to them.

The Third DIY I decided to try out was this wreath, made out of Christmas tree ornaments. I got inspired after having seen this idea on Pinterest and thought that it looked easy enough to do and that it showed amazing end results. Honestly guys, this is the easiest DIY you will just need some sort of rounded polystyrene the one I used was purchased also from Crafts & More and supper inexpensive. Some Christmas baubles, I'm sure you have some extras lying around but if not you can purchase these exact ones from Primark. Lastly, a glue gun as normal glue won't be strong enough to hold them.

 As a final DIY idea for you guys, I decided to create these cute little Christmas crackers. I only have the finished result of these on the blog but I will be posting how I did these and everything else over on my Youtube Channel for you all to see how this was done! (stay tuned for that) They're totally perfect for putting in little gifts and the fact that you can personalize them however you like just makes it that more exciting and creative to the person you give these to.

I hope you've enjoyed this post! See you soon, Insiders.


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