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By Mel Macedo

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Halloween II

So it's about time I posted something new and what better to continue with my Halloween series. Today's post is all about preparing a feast of snacks for a Halloween night in to watch Horror/Halloween movies or Halloween Party Snacks.

I found that initially it was quite hard to gather some ideas for Halloween so I decided to go to my local Marks & Spencer and see what I could find that would help with my selection of snacks. I found some macarons in autumnal colors and thought it would do well as a Halloween snack! and plus it's always a great excuse to buy some.

Hello Fashion Magazine - H&M  Jewelry Box - Watch - M&S Macarons

 I actually stumbled across a Halloween section whilst I was at M&S and found these pumpkin and eyeball chocolates which I thought was quite festive for a Halloween night in.

 I also thought about a drink that would resemble Halloween and look quite nice as a part of the general decor among st all the snacks. What better than an orange and carrot juice!!

After taking a break to look at the latest trends for some inspiration on some future posts I got right back into thinking about some more Halloween treats! Some that can be quick and easy to set up and do.

One quick and easy thing to make are Fairy Cakes, I used the Mary Berry's iced fairy cake recipe that you can easily find by searching on google. I decided to alter the recipe a little by adding some vanilla extract into the mix and use vanilla icing. It takes up to 15 minutes to make and doesn't take up much time, but once your guests see them they will think it took a great amount of effort. The cupcake cases and crosses came together in a box from the Pound shop but I'm sure you can find something just as great wherever you are and create spooky cupcakes with any type of cupcake case and design.

For the drinks you can easily personalize them with some funky straws. In my case I couldn't find any so I chose to use two straws with some Halloween like colors.

Lastly but not least just grab yourself a Trick or Treat bucket and purchase all of your favorite sweets!!

I particularly enjoy these strawberry straw-like sweets because you can put them in a bucket like so and pretend they are worms or something.

All that's left is to enjoy your evening among st all of your Halloween treats and Decorations. I hope you enjoyed this post.

Fairy Lights - Primark

Enjoy your Halloween Night!

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