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By Mel Macedo

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Halloween I

It's the month of Halloween, the yearly celebration of All Hallows Day. I love Halloween so I decided to come up with affordable and easy ideas to decorate your home for less. 
I chose to keep it real simple and classy looking, so that it's easy to transition into the Christmas Season.
Hopefully this post will inspire you with some ideas for this Halloween. 

 Firstly, I set off to town with my mind set on using spray paint on letters for this spooky season. The Bottle, Spray Paint and the letter 'M' was purchased at Crafts and more. If you don't have this store near you, I'm sure you can find similar items at any Craft store, 

 The reason I selected the letter 'M' was mainly because it is my Initials, but it can also be 'M' for Monster. I would of purchased all the letters to spell the word monster but I wanted to test it out first to see how it would turn out.

Spray paint is not only perfect for wooden letters but perfect for painting bottles just like this one in a nice rustic color, you can use it for flowers or to put all your treats in.

This next DIY was one of my favorites, using the same method as the first one but with a beautiful metallic gold. You could also use masking tape to create a web pattern before spraying on the paint. After drying you would remove the masking tape and there you would have a nice pattern.

To set the mood I purchased some candles in some copper like tones to match everything together. These Candles were purchased at Primark a perfect combination of amazing aromas and gold rustic tones.  

Lastly, are you Stuck for Halloween Costumes and are on a budget? Well this is the perfect project for you this Halloween. I personally didn't want to use the usual pumpkins and trick or treat images so I decided to use a black and white floral design and printed them out onto transfer paper. Once cut out into the shape I wanted all I had to do was Iron them on in the positions I liked and peel off ! Tadah the perfect Halloween Tee for less than £10.

If you would like to see more Halloween ideas feel free to comment and I will do so.

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