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By Mel Macedo

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Halloween II

So it's about time I posted something new and what better to continue with my Halloween series. Today's post is all about preparing a feast of snacks for a Halloween night in to watch Horror/Halloween movies or Halloween Party Snacks.

I found that initially it was quite hard to gather some ideas for Halloween so I decided to go to my local Marks & Spencer and see what I could find that would help with my selection of snacks. I found some macarons in autumnal colors and thought it would do well as a Halloween snack! and plus it's always a great excuse to buy some.

Hello Fashion Magazine - H&M  Jewelry Box - Watch - M&S Macarons

 I actually stumbled across a Halloween section whilst I was at M&S and found these pumpkin and eyeball chocolates which I thought was quite festive for a Halloween night in.

 I also thought about a drink that would resemble Halloween and look quite nice as a part of the general decor among st all the snacks. What better than an orange and carrot juice!!

After taking a break to look at the latest trends for some inspiration on some future posts I got right back into thinking about some more Halloween treats! Some that can be quick and easy to set up and do.

One quick and easy thing to make are Fairy Cakes, I used the Mary Berry's iced fairy cake recipe that you can easily find by searching on google. I decided to alter the recipe a little by adding some vanilla extract into the mix and use vanilla icing. It takes up to 15 minutes to make and doesn't take up much time, but once your guests see them they will think it took a great amount of effort. The cupcake cases and crosses came together in a box from the Pound shop but I'm sure you can find something just as great wherever you are and create spooky cupcakes with any type of cupcake case and design.

For the drinks you can easily personalize them with some funky straws. In my case I couldn't find any so I chose to use two straws with some Halloween like colors.

Lastly but not least just grab yourself a Trick or Treat bucket and purchase all of your favorite sweets!!

I particularly enjoy these strawberry straw-like sweets because you can put them in a bucket like so and pretend they are worms or something.

All that's left is to enjoy your evening among st all of your Halloween treats and Decorations. I hope you enjoyed this post.

Fairy Lights - Primark

Enjoy your Halloween Night!

Monday, 19 October 2015

Travel to Madeira

So, I know you guys have seen my previous posts on my travels this summer but the surprise is I have been working on a video to show you and everyone who wants to visit somewhere new. If you're adventure crazy or just looking for a place to relax and sunbath then Madeira is the Place for you.

Many people already know Madeira for it's Mountain Walks and extreme sports, along with its amazing beaches and many foods and beverages. But I wanted to also show you guys a little bit more with its fun "arraiais" that they do in the summer.

Here is the video I spent many hours on just to share it with the World! I hope you enjoy!


Friday, 16 October 2015

Fitness Session

Are you struggling to get into the spirit of going to the gym now that Autumn is here? To be honest it's always daunting to take that first step into actually getting ready to work out, but once that workout is over you feel amazing! You kind of feel invincible and like you've accomplished something, which you have. So I thought I would share with you guys my gym essentials and ways to get yourself active.

Exercising Daily  is doubly important in the colder months. People tend to put on weight this time of year because they are eating more comforting foods and lets be honest we would rather snuggle up on a sofa then stick to our exercise routines.

So for me, I prefer to stay and workout at home, I find it more comfortable in the Autumn/Winter months to stay in and use my App or Workout DVD. But, if I were to go to a gym I would use all of these gym essentials:

1. Nourishing Body Lotion - This intensive body lotion nourishes and conditions the skin, leaving behind a delicate fragrance. Perfect for an after gym session - Grace Cole - Flowers wild rose jasmine geranium.

2. I know that it's not good to wear make up to the gym but if it were me I couldn't go completely without make up so I would use my Rimmel London BB Cream 9 in 1 skin perfecting super make up - SPF 20 in Light just to make me feel a little more put together for the gym.

3. I would just use a lip liner and softly line this MUA intense colour liner in a soft pink to my lips.

4. I always like to look presentable when leaving the house for a gym session so painted nails is a must! I love this Orly Colour Blast in the shade Cherry Cream perfect color to "Work it"

5. Most importantly this limited edition Simple - Kind to skin cleansing Facial Wipes designed by Holly Fulton, exclusive to Superdrug. They're perfect for prepping my skin before applying make up. But also great for removing make up after my workouts!

 Some more essentials I would use for before and after my workouts would be the Nivea Soft Face and Hand Cream; The Body Shop Passion Fruit Body Butter (smells amazing!) and obviously some antiperspirant the one I use is the Sure Women Ultra Dry.

One of the things that I do when I am feeling unmotivated is to look up motivational quotes on social media things like: " I'm tired; It's Too Cold; It's too Hot; It's Raining; I don't have time LET'S GO!"
or "I'm Doing this for me". Also another thing that helps me when I'm just not feeling it is to update my playlist - New tunes can be a great way to get our butts of that sofa and getting our workout on!

Another thing that really helps me stay on top of my fitness routine is to have designated days for my workouts. So, lets say on Mondays I do cardio full body exercise. I would then change it up on the Wednesday to toning up my abs, it always works for me and not only does it work for you it works for your body as well. Lastly, it's always good to have a workout buddy, someone who won't let you give up as easily or someone that you can both bounce off of one another, like in my case me and my sister help each other stay strong and "Just Do It".

So that was my Fitness Session / Advice for you guys I hoped you Enjoyed this post and I will be back with a Brand new post later on this week.


Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Halloween I

It's the month of Halloween, the yearly celebration of All Hallows Day. I love Halloween so I decided to come up with affordable and easy ideas to decorate your home for less. 
I chose to keep it real simple and classy looking, so that it's easy to transition into the Christmas Season.
Hopefully this post will inspire you with some ideas for this Halloween. 

 Firstly, I set off to town with my mind set on using spray paint on letters for this spooky season. The Bottle, Spray Paint and the letter 'M' was purchased at Crafts and more. If you don't have this store near you, I'm sure you can find similar items at any Craft store, 

 The reason I selected the letter 'M' was mainly because it is my Initials, but it can also be 'M' for Monster. I would of purchased all the letters to spell the word monster but I wanted to test it out first to see how it would turn out.

Spray paint is not only perfect for wooden letters but perfect for painting bottles just like this one in a nice rustic color, you can use it for flowers or to put all your treats in.

This next DIY was one of my favorites, using the same method as the first one but with a beautiful metallic gold. You could also use masking tape to create a web pattern before spraying on the paint. After drying you would remove the masking tape and there you would have a nice pattern.

To set the mood I purchased some candles in some copper like tones to match everything together. These Candles were purchased at Primark a perfect combination of amazing aromas and gold rustic tones.  

Lastly, are you Stuck for Halloween Costumes and are on a budget? Well this is the perfect project for you this Halloween. I personally didn't want to use the usual pumpkins and trick or treat images so I decided to use a black and white floral design and printed them out onto transfer paper. Once cut out into the shape I wanted all I had to do was Iron them on in the positions I liked and peel off ! Tadah the perfect Halloween Tee for less than £10.

If you would like to see more Halloween ideas feel free to comment and I will do so.

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Feeling 22

It's not everyday you turn 22, in fact you only turn 22 once. It's kind of hard to put into words the feelings that ran through my mind the week before it became official. I felt a mix of emotions and the thought that kept resurfacing was pretty negative, I didn't enjoy knowing that time had gone so quickly. Seriously, like were did the time go? This year has been pretty crazy and full of obstacles, but pretty amazing...I wouldn't change a thing because you live and you learn. Even though I know it's a part of life getting a year older, it didn't stop me from thinking about that dreaded number. It's weird because surely 20 should of shocked me more but I think turning twenty-two was the one that did it for me.

 A birthday when I was younger used to be, presents and excitement, but every year the love of presents and excitement is less and less. I believe it's because of the fact that you know your just getting older and older and sometimes I feel much happier just going back to childhood times where everything was just a lot simpler. 
But knowing that, makes me reflect on how much I've actually learnt in a short amount of time on this earth. Realizing that accepting the general course of life is the key to accepting this number and saying to myself "Bring it on". Once officially being on a positive mindset I decided to quit worrying about the number and my future and just live it and enjoy the day. 

Without further a due here is what I did on my one and only 22nd Birthday:

Well as you can see first I tried to take some artistic shots specifically for this post. I then went out with my family to have a nice lunch in town and drank some champagne to celebrate. Unfortunately I didn't manage to take some shots of the rest of my day due to purely enjoying my day out. But having said that I hope you like what I managed to post.


 Here is just some of the things that I got for my Birthday; I specifically chose to show this perfume because of how much I love it. It truly is a little gem that has been undiscovered by some. You can find this at Pull and Bear. This perfume will definitely not disappoint.

Hope you enjoyed this post, and stay tuned for some more posts. Up regularly! 
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