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By Mel Macedo

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Perfect Shades of Blue

How I wish the weather in England could look like this sometimes, though as all of us Brits know we have to go on the hunt for a bit of sunshine. As I promised here is another post about my wonderful trip to Madeira Island. 

Were am I this time? I'm in S.Vicente and Porto Moniz for the day. It's Lovely to be able to see the sea as blue as it is, not to mention the beautiful clear blue sky!

But the best thing about taking a trip to the North of the Island, isn't just the beautiful picturesque sea views but also the extremely high cliffs that surround the small towns.

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So if you ever want to swim in these glamorous Shades of Blue, go and check out the natural pools of Porto Moniz.

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  This place reminds me of Neverland and the Blue lagoon were all the mermaids would be swimming. It took my breath away looking into this clear blue water, it was mesmerizing.
So when you see something this inviting, I did what I think most of us would do. I went for a Swim. 

For more on my Fabulous Adventures this Summer stay tuned!


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