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By Mel Macedo

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Christmassy Decor - DIY and Baking | Seek Insider

 It's about time I shared with you all my Christmas Decoration, DIY's and Cupcakes I came up with this month in preparation for all the Christmas festivities.

The first DIY is the exact same as shown in my Halloween post, I went to Crafts & More and purchased the same bottle but instead spray painted it gold, to give it a Christmas feel. Once left to dry I decided to put in some fake holly that I purchased from Wilkinson, after all the aim is for it to look festive. Perfect for a table center piece.

 The second DIY is the most easy one of them all. I just cleaned out this candle container and wrapped some festive fabric around it, as seen in the picture below, sticking it to the glass with a glue gun. You can us this as a candy cane holder or just a simplistic yet festive candle jar.

Cupcake Process:

For my cupcakes I just used the same recipe as the one featured in my Halloween post which you can find here. I didn't follow the recipe completely as I did add in some Vanilla extract.

Ingredients shown in Picture Below:

- Dr.Oetker Cupcake icing (Doesn't have much icing in the container so be careful when make a lot of cupcakes - Enough for 12 maximum)
- Vanilla Extract
- Red Food Coloring
-Santa Boot Cookie Cutter (From Crafts & More)
- Santa Cupcake Cases (From Crafts & More)
- Sprinkles (Tesco)

For the cookies I simply used a recipe that I found on the BBC website here.

 As you can see it already looks so festive with the cupcakes and the Shortbread cookies, but I just couldn't resist adding some Marshmallows to the table it's perfect because when your guests arrive they have a cute little selection. Plus the marshmallows remind me of snow, and if you would want to be a little more creative with your table you can totally make some snowmen with these and simply add a face to them.

The Third DIY I decided to try out was this wreath, made out of Christmas tree ornaments. I got inspired after having seen this idea on Pinterest and thought that it looked easy enough to do and that it showed amazing end results. Honestly guys, this is the easiest DIY you will just need some sort of rounded polystyrene the one I used was purchased also from Crafts & More and supper inexpensive. Some Christmas baubles, I'm sure you have some extras lying around but if not you can purchase these exact ones from Primark. Lastly, a glue gun as normal glue won't be strong enough to hold them.

 As a final DIY idea for you guys, I decided to create these cute little Christmas crackers. I only have the finished result of these on the blog but I will be posting how I did these and everything else over on my Youtube Channel for you all to see how this was done! (stay tuned for that) They're totally perfect for putting in little gifts and the fact that you can personalize them however you like just makes it that more exciting and creative to the person you give these to.

I hope you've enjoyed this post! See you soon, Insiders.


Friday, 11 December 2015

Nº7 Pamper Routine

Today's post is all about pampering yourself and keeping up with your skin care, so why not keep it up with these products from Nº7! I purchased these last month in order to try something new. I picked them out with the main purpose of finding something that gives you an all rounded hydrating treatment during the day and night. Once having browsed around boots for about 10 minutes I stumbled across the Nº7 section and thought that this would be a perfect chance to try these products out and see if they work.

The First thing I picked up was the Nº7 Beautiful Skin Day CreamEssential Moisture Night Cream and the Nº7 Beautiful Skin Hydration Mask. All claiming that they give hydration to your skin, which is something that we should all aim for in this Winter. The reason I chose these particular products was not only the fact that the packaging was aesthetically pleasing but the fact that I needed to stock up on some good quality but not too pricey creams that will help my skin look radiant and healthy looking.

The First one I tried was the Beautiful Skin Day cream, that energizes and hydrates the skin making the skin look radiant and fresh. I love the fact that this is Hypo-allergenic which means there aren't any harsh chemicals or smells, with the bonus of SPF 15! having used this during the day everyday since last month I can confirm that it does exactly what it says on the "tin". The same can be said for the Essential Moisture Night Cream it nurishes and replenishes whilst you sleep. It left my skin feel soft and silky, a girls dream! (enriched with soothing elder-flower, Vitamin E and omega oils). Both of these products I use on a daily basis. Another great product found from the Nº7 range was the Beautiful Skin Hydration Mask perfect for anyone with dry/very dry skin, I used this as a weekly intense moisture boost for my face. I found that the best results was when I prepped my skin before hand and generously massaged over my face and left it for 3 minutes to then after rinse away. Though if you find your in desperate need of moisturizing your face even further you can leave it in for a maximum of 10 minutes for even better results.  

Bonus product on my trip to Boots was the Super Facialist Rose Hydrate - Facial Scrub to brighten and refine your skin, bringing back radiance to tired skin. Perfect for people like me that are constantly on the go and in need of a calmer and brighter complexion.


Monday, 30 November 2015

How to choose a Career in Fashion

I'm back with an advice post for you all. If any of you have seen my about page here on the blog you will know that I Graduated recently from University with a BA (Hons) in Fashion. So, If your the kind of person that is thinking of working in the Fashion Industry, or has always had an interest in it then your chances in getting a job related to fashion are good. Because I believe that if you truly want something you can achieve it.  

Your most likely the one in your friendship group to read all the glamorous fashion Magazines, follow fashion Blogs and Write one yourself possibly? and that desire for Fashion will shape you into what you are as a person. I've always found it tricky deciding how to make a career in this area, and deciding on the right path is highly important. There is so many things to choose from in Fashion from being a Designer; Merchandiser; Buyer to Working in Production. There is just so many roles to choose from, but which one is for you is the main question to ask!

Before Deciding to Launch Seek Insider, I found myself stuck in thought a lot of the time. I had previous blogs throughout the years, I believe my very first one I decided to have was when I was about 15 years old. But with time, juggling blogging and school work became quite hard and I decided to work on my grades instead, which for me was the right choice at that time. So I do have some sort of experience in blogging prior to this. I also found that the University I had gone to wasn't the best experience due to it being falsely advertised. If you want me to write an independent post on University and the pros and cons to it then let me know. 

Anyway, back to how I got to were I am now. After having graduated, I felt lost, I didn't know what to do or were to start. Living in the UK with my sister is great but I did miss my family a huge amount so my first step after Graduating wasn't to get right back into job hunting it was to go Home and see my Family. They did come to my Graduation but a week later left for Madeira Island, which is were my family lives. I booked a ticket and off to Madeira I went! I was there for 3 weeks and it felt as if I'd never left. 

Even though the joy of my summer vacation was still very much alive I knew that eventually it would have to come to an end. And having my family there to help me with these discussions was a tremendous help. 

Luckily I do have a job in Fashion Retail which isn't were I would like to be but is definitely key for building on experience. With that I decided to go back to blogging and that's how Seek Insider was born. My aim is to become a full time blogger, but in the meantime I am still eager to gain more experience in fashion. So if you're just thinking about what kind of role you'd like in the future, then read on for a few of my top tips! (we can do this together).

First on the List is Something I would love to Experience and that is Fashion Marketing.

I'm safe to say that most of us don't have contacts that know of or are in the Fashion related fields to help you get a placement. Firstly we have to try Interning. It's the best way to find out if the role is good for you. The only downside to Internships is the fact that they are unpaid, but like I said it's the best way to gain experience and network with people in the industry, it's a great way to get a foot in the door. Another tip would be Graduate schemes, I personally find this very competitive and truly challenging. But if you don't try, you don't get.

 The next Fashion Category is Fashion Communication.

This can be anything from being an editor, photographer, copywriter or stylist. These mentioned are just a few of many different roles that fashion communication can offer. These roles are mostly office based and the odd external appointments which adds a bit of variation to your day to day role. With anything that involves fashion you have to be quite creative, especially when in need of experience for a role like this one. If you'd like an Internship in something like this then your portfolio/Curriculum Vitae need to stand out, as the recruitment process is highly competitive. One thing that can make you shine is to share your Instagram followers who follow you for styling tips or possibly a mock article to show how creative you can be. 

Hopefully you get the general Idea that Fashion is a very competitive area to apply for but once your in, all that hard-work will have finally paid off. 

Lastly, Fashion Blogger.

I believe that if you want to be a fashion blogger, you have to have the correct sort of attitude towards it. You truly need to have that passion for Fashion! Yes the aim to Fashion Blogging is to be able to work with brands and to make money. But if you just want that then this isn't the right reasons to become a blogger. I have decided to blog alongside working because its something that allows me to be creative and share my passion with people that enjoy it equally. I realize that to be a blogger you need to allow yourself some time to be able to write consistently, so if you have that all you need is to start your blog, find your niche that thing that will make you stand out, and create quality content in order to grow in readership. I, more than anybody know that it takes time to gain all of these things but the one thing that keeps me going is this quote from Benjamin Franklin " Energy and persistence conquer all things" 

Books That Helped me:
  • How to be Parisian - Wherever you are 
  • 50 fashion Designers you Should Know
  • The Sourcebook of Contemporary Fashion
  • Fashion Since 1900
  • The Fashion Resource Book - Research and Design
  • Fashion Design 01 - Research and Design

I genuinely hope that this post has been useful for you, I realize that its a brief post on the fashion industry and there's much more that I could of shared! But if you have any questions then tweet me and I will do my very best to answer them. 

See you soon!

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